Thank you, Bruce Lee of Schum-Tug!

Sometimes it’snecessary to go back to the basics and remember.

Why did I create Schum-Tug?
Why is this toy so popular?
What is the reward I got and still get?

I had a dog that I loved. His name was Schummi. I wanted to do dog sports with him and there was nothing on the market for him except the big ropes that are really bad for dog’teeth. Schummi loved the fur mouse of my cats. I said to myself; why not make him a synthetic fur toy?

The success was instantaneous. Not only with Schummi but also with all the dogs I met. I never thought what was going to happen and the Schum-Tug was going to go through time. I could not have wished for a better future for Schum-tug. When Schummi left us, I cried my life. And when I realized all the good that he allowed me to give to the dogs, I found my goal. Schummi will be eternal through Schum-Tug. Because Schum-Tug, will always be a lot of Schummi.

Today, every time you share your photos and videos, you make me happy. You remind me every time of my little boy and why and every time I say thank you to Schummi for making another dog and master happy.

But when this video comes from someone whom I respect a lot and share my love of dogs, it’s even more touching.

I invite you to watch the video which I enjoyed a lot this week. You will like. I obviously loved it.
Thank you Bruce Lee of Schum-Tug. I’ll call you this name forever now.

Good viewing


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